Our Tours

We offer professional guides who can share their knowledge about the islands’ rich history, culture, food and heritage. From the usual tourist spots to the more adventurous and off-the-beaten track, we ensure top quality guiding.

Famous Sites. A trip to Manila cannot be complete without a visit to the walled city of Intramuros. We provide you with entertaining and knowledgeable guides who can tell you stories about Old Manila’s historical sites not frequently found in guide books.

Museums & Galleries. We offer tours in the National Museum, Malacañang Museum and the Ayala Museum especially for guests who wish to know more about the Philippines in a short span of time. Our trained guides will show you the best works of Filipino artists, mementos of past leaders, and priceless collections that are found only in these places.

Walking Tours. The best way to know the character of a city is to walk its streets. Hear our guides talk about urban living, heritage, and history and how they connect it to the present.

Culinary Tours. Discover what Filipino food is all about as we tour you to different places that claim to have the best dish. You’ll be the judge. Our guides will explain the nuances of Filipino food over fine meals hosted in different restaurants in town.